Mystery Solved – This is why your books aren’t selling…

Stop Everything and Go Get This Book

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links

I absorb a ton of information daily regarding writing and publishing. It’s not often that I’m stopped dead in my tracks with an info bomb so big, that I abandon what I’m doing to run and go buy whatever author expert person told me to.

When Elana Johnson posts a recommendation, you pay attention. If you don’t know her, she’s a multi million dollar earner with 150 books under her belt. In fact, I’ve seen other author/experts in her group absorbing her wisdom.

On Friday, she posted about this book. It’s a book about how to use Universal Fantasy in order to sell your books.

What is Universal Fantasy? I’ll let the book speak for itself, but basically it’s like taking your tropes to the next level.

Think about the last TV show or book series that you binged… what kept you coming back for more? What made you stay up to 2 AM to finish it? T. Taylor goes in depth about this concept, AND tells you how to replicate this in your books.

I’m telling you right now, this book is what MANY of us are talking about in author forums across all of the platforms. Don’t be left in the dark. I have a book due in a month, and I stopped writing it to absorb all I could from 7 Figure Fiction.

Happy Reading!

P.S. Although I wish we were besties, I’m not affiliated with Elana Johnson or T. Taylor in anyway.

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