I’ve dropped an ad free bonus episode of The Struggling Indie Author Podcast!

Listen in on the chat that I had with Mariah Sinclair of, and we discuss all things book covers.

Mariah also shares her tips to finding a quality cover designer, pitfalls we as indie authors need to look out for, AND a little bit about the process of hiring a cover designer.

A little bit about Mariah Sinclair:

She is an award-winning designer. In a former life, she worked for advertising agencies serving Fortune 500 companies, the City of Los Angeles, and other government entities as a designer and digital marketer. She designed her first book cover in 2001, and now focuses exclusively on designing book covers for independent authors.

As a book cover designer, Mariah is passionate about helping indie authors level up in their business. That’s why she created the and why she loves cover design! A group of her clients affectionately named her ‘The Queen of Cozy’ and she wears that crown with pride.

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