Indie Author Spotlight – Charles de Andrade

One of the most inspiring posts I see on my many author forums is when someone takes the time to share their story. Each Friday, I’m going to feature a different indie author to help inspire all of you!

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What is your pen name?

Charles de Andrade

What genre do you write in? Why do you love it?


How many books have you published?


What inspired you to become a writer?

I took a class in the 1980’s where the professor required a written story capturing the elements we had learned in the class. The class title was “The Attributes Of God”. What I produced turned out to be a chapter in my fourth book to be published. That first writing that became the fourth book central theme was the mercy of God and redemption. The novel was the impact of a US Marine, thought killed in the Vietnam war, and his return to the United States on a mission to save his step brother. When I finished writing that book, I realized there was a story before the setting of this book, and stories after. What resulted was a five book series titled “The Steward Series”. Writing has become my past time, as the stories just seem to our out of me.

What is your indie success story?

As far as monetary success, I get to take my wife out to dinner about twice a year. So I have yet to be really successful monetarily. But, my heart does flip flops when someone reads one of my books and reaches out to me to say how much they enjoyed it. I am hoping the latest book, the second in a new series titled Eyewitness-The Risen Saints will do even better.

What are your marketing and advertising strategies? What works for you? What doesn’t?

I discovered very early on that marketing is one of the most costly, time consuming and at times lonely exercises. It was one of the drivers behind the formation of Scribblers Christian Writers Group. The thought was if we could share marketing costs, like going to a book show where the booth might cost over $1,000, that having a group of authors share the cost was way better than doing it alone. Also, each of us has a “sphere of influence”. People and relationships that may buy our books. When you combine all those spheres together, you have a much larger group of people involved. Hence and the Scribblers Christian Writers Group with six chapters now, over 100 attendees and 25 registered members with 58 books being shared. I am still learning about marketing, and the struggle to get the Amazon Algorithm to begin to support our books. So I have a long way to go yet. Marketing appears to be the most costly endeavor of all, as we all want to have people discover we even exist.

What is the best piece of self-publishing advice that you’ve ever received?

An author I really respect listened to me as I was struggling to find a publisher, his question: Do you believe that you are supposed to be writing? My answer: Yes, that is what I feel I am called to do. His advice: “Don’t Give Up.” That turned out to be the best advice I was given, and now the first book in the series has past 15,000 sales although most are digital. But, that has been a great success and now I am working to get the book translated into Spanish so that it can be released in other areas of the world (Latin America in particular) where I have contacts.

What are you working on right now?

I still have a day job, but in my spare time, I am working on the third book in my second series. Eyewitness – The Saints Released. I am looking at the miracles you read about in the Bible from the perspective of the people who experienced the miracle personally. This book will tell the stories of several people who experienced the freedom of being released from demon procession. Most of us know about The Gerasene Demonic (Mark 5) and the name of Legion, the many demons inside that man, and the herd of pigs that became their new home however briefly. Fewer of us know that Mary Magdalene, who was the first person to see the Risen Christ, had been processed by seven demons and freed by Jesus as well (Mark 16:9). So this is the new book I am working on while still spending considerable time and resource on marketing the first two books in the series, and working on the Spanish version of the first book in the first series.

Where can we find your work?


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