Indie Author Spotlight – Candy Ann

One of the most inspiring posts I see on my many author forums is when someone takes the time to share their story. Each Friday, I’m going to feature a different indie author to help inspire all of you!

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What is your pen name?

Candy Ann

What genre do you write in? Why do you love it?

Poetry, Fiction, and Non Fiction.

How many books have you published?


What inspired you to become a writer?

I began writing Poetry a few months after my stepdad had passed Away. So about March 2005 I began writing to get my feelings out and all my anger, sadness, fears ect.

What is your indie success story?

I didn’t think it was legit, the Amazon independent author page. I don’t remember how I got there but I remember seeing the word free being thrown around and I’m think free, ya right, what’s the catch. So I grabbed my old poetry journal from when I first started writing and some more recent. I began typing away like a crazy lady Still thinking I was wasting time just to find out they probably want $400 or something from me. Well I think it was about a year or so later I received money for selling my book. I was baffled because I was thinking what book? Then it dawned on me that the free book publishing thing really is a thing, then I began to feel I shouldn’t had rushed my book like that. But I didn’t know… I’m currently working on my 2nd Poetry book. This one is going to be my poems from my 1st book and all of the other ones that haven’t yet been seen anywhere but my own eyes. I’m a bit nervous to put myself out there like that but I’m gonna to try…

What are your marketing and advertising strategies? What works for you? What doesn’t?

I use Twitter , I also use Twitter to find those accounts that promote authors and have a website that do automatic tweets and such. I don’t pay for promotion. I understand you have to spend money to make money, but I’m trying very hard to not spend any money on promotion, marketing etc. right now.

What is the best piece of self-publishing advice that you’ve ever received?

“Don’t ever publish something you are going to later regret doing.” Other than that, I haven’t received any advice *laughs*

Anything else fun or notable that you would like to share about yourself?

I consider myself an entrepreneur and instead of Jack of all trades, I’m the Jill of all trades. *Chuckles* Anyway, I’m a former adult webcam model, I’m a Crafter so I sell my work here and there, I have my own website where I charge Monthly, freelance model, and I’m also an Independent author.

What are you working on right now?

My 2nd poetry book. I’m reading, rereading and proof reading before I hit that “submit” button on my laptop. I’m also thinking of other books to publish maybe after or even before my 2nd poetry book. I’m not 100% positive yet if I really want to expose myself completely to everyone as for my emotions, thoughts, feelings and me writing when I was most vulnerable. It’s not the same as a naked photo on the internet. It’s more than that to me and I’m kind of dragging my feet with this 2nd poetry book….. I hate it admit it but , welp I just did…

Where can we find your work?

A lot of places actually… Createspace is how I Published it, so you can get copies through them or a third-party website. Amazon, SmashWords, Barnes and noble, AbeBooks, Google Books, Book Topia. That’s just a few that I know off the top of my head.

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