Exciting News for Indie Authors – Cover Designer Directory is Here!

Finding a cover designer is hard work. Not only do you have to find designers that design for your genre, but you also have to vet them to make sure they are professional, you have to make sure they aren’t booked out. You need to go to different websites, Facebook groups, and Instagram accounts to compare their work with other designers. OR you go to sites like Reedsy, and when you search for someone in your genre, it only yields a single designer. (Yes, this is the case for cozy mystery.) It’s sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I’m excited to announce the solution! The Cover Designer Directory.

The Cover Designer Directory launched today, but it’s already full of cover designers in a wide variety of genres. You browse through the site, narrow the search down to your genre, select the portfolio cover that you like, and BAM the designer’s contact information is right there for you. No more hunting around to find an e-mail address, no more auctions, no more joining ANOTHER Facebook group. I’m told that down the line there will be informative articles, mood boards, & more for indie authors! Finding a quality cover designer is hard work. The cover designer directory makes it easier for you. Check it out today!

Every Monday, I share with you 6 FREE design assets that can help you with your indie author business. Many of these resources are available to use commercially. Just make sure the licensing doesn’t say ‘personal’ if you plan to use them on a book cover, social media or a website. Desktop license is fine to use commercially. Enjoy!

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