Mark Dawson’s Ads For Authors Closes Tomorrow Night

This post contains affiliate links.

The current Ads for Authors registration period ends at midnight tomorrow. Once it closes, it won’t reopen until much later in 2021. If you’re on the fence about signing up, you may want to decide soon.

They’ve added a huge amount of new content over the years (which existing students have all received free of charge).

When Ads for Authors first launched it “only” covered Facebook Ads. That module has grown since, and now there’s an expansion for advanced advertisers. For the last launch, they completely rebuilt the Amazon Ads course from scratch, bringing in an ex-Amazon insider, Janet Margot, to present it and divulge all the tips and tricks she learned behind the scenes. (THIS IS WHY I CHOSE TO ENROLL)

On top of that, they are putting together a new course alongside Prestozon called Ads Automation for Authors, to which anyone signing up is also entitled.And just today they replaced the entire BookBub course to reflect how the platform has changed over the past few years. This new course was put together by Carlyn Robertson from BookBub, so you know that everything you learn comes direct from those who know the advertising platform best.

Again, anyone who signed up to Ads for Authors first it opened it four years ago has received all of this extra material for free as the course has grown. We plan to continue supporting it way into the future – you’ll get any new Ads for Authors material we put together after you sign up at no additional cost, too.

To learn more about the course and hear from some of our successful students, just click the button below.
Speaking of BookBub, tonight (Tuesday 2nd February) they are hosting a free, premium webinar titled Top Tips for BookBub Advertising Success. If you’re curious about the platform, or have used their ads in the past and wish to improve them, this is a great opportunity to learn directly from the source and ask whatever questions you may have. You can register for it HERE

And this coming Wednesday 3rd February (that’s tomorrow), join Janet Margot and me as she deep dive tactics that can drive Amazon ads success. You’ll discover how to assess whether your ads need custom copy or not, how to use negative targeting to maximize your budget, how to master brand defense strategies, and a whole lot more you won’t find anywhere else. You can register for it HERE.

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