FREE Resources for Indie Authors

This post contains some affiliate links.

Hi All!

2020 was rough on many of us financially. That’s why I became an expert and scouring the internet for any free information on Indie Publishing that I could find. It’s an amazing time we live in that with just a little bit of effort, we can learn something entirely new without spending a dime.

Many of those free resources were basically bait to try and upsell you into buying a program. However, that does not mean that the information was any less valuable, and that I didn’t learn from it.

Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula is having a FREE Amazon Ads Webinar on Wed Feb 3rd. This isn’t just any webinar though, this information is coming straight from the source. Janet Margot is a former Amazon employee and has behind the scenes knowledge on the very subject matter she’s teaching! This is a golden opportunity for those who are feeling like they’re flailing (and failing) at getting their Amazon Ads to work.

They will likely mention the fact that his Ads for Authors course is open for enrollment, and while it’s an investment. It’s well worth it. I’m a student, and being a part of the group alone is worth it. In fact, Janet answered one of my questions THIS MORNING. However, even if you can’t afford it or you’re not interested in the course, the webinar is going to be well worth your time! My full post detailing all of the info the ads course can be found HERE.

The second free resource I want to share with you today is a set of 5 books on Indie Publishing. While I have these books in my affiliate section, THIS is not an affiliate link as they are free (no strings attached) on Amazon.

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