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Hi All!

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Below is the weekly summary report on all of the content I’ve posted on http://www.TheStrugglingIndie.Com

Tip Tuesday – The Keyword Section on Amazon

Don’t Make This Indie Author Mistake

Mark Dawson’s Ads for Authors Enrollment Is Open (but not for long)

Indie Author Spotlight – Blake Thunderport

The Struggling Indie Author Podcast Episode 4 – I wrote a book, Now what?

Also, I wanted to tell you about a free webinar that’s happening on Wed, Feb 3rd on how to bolster your amazon ads. Even if you can’t afford the full amazon ads course,(which I highly recommend) this webinar is going to be extremely insightful and helpful. NEVER miss an opportunity for free information from a former Amazon Executive and Mark Dawson.

The Secrets to Amazon Ads Success

If you want to come to hang out and “talk shop” please join the Struggling Indie Author Facebook Group. It’s small right now, but I’m hoping to build it up over the next few months.

Oh! One last thing, I’ve taken the time to compile a list of all of the Indie Publishing books that I’ve read or have come highly recommended to me. You can check it out here.

I’ve been busy this week! Please feel free to drop me a line to let me know what you’ve been up to!


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