Mark Dawson’s Ads for Authors Enrollment Open (but not for long)

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that you only have 6 more days to sign up for Mark Dawson’s Ads for Authors. The course will not open again until the end of 2021. I waited until I had 3 novels and 2 children’s books out to join this course, and I cannot tell you how helpful it’s been. I won’t ever recommend anything to you that I haven’t fully vetted myself. I finally pulled the trigger on my first ad not too long ago, and I’ve seen an increase in page reads, AND reviews.

This is an investment in your author career both with time and money. However, it’s well worth it. What I love about the course is that it’s updated frequently, if you tag an instructor in the group they WILL answer you. (Including Mark). They also offer member exclusive webinars and the best part is that you can take the course at your own pace.

This course covers:

Facebook Ads

Amazon Ads

Book Bub Ads

How to Write Ads

Ad Design

Facebook Messenger Bot

Ads Automation, and more!

The course also includes a membership to SPF University. Hours upon hour upon hours of content, PLUS the support of a group of your peers (and instructors)

Click below to listen to some Success Stories (Affiliate links below)

Click HERE to learn more or to sign up!

CLICK HERE for more information about Self Publishing Formula.

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