Is selling more books one of your New Year Resolutions?

I am here to help! Well, actually, Bryan Cohen is here to help! 

Want to participate in an author community ad course to help you turn your books profitable? Click here and Register to join the event! 
Register here:

I’ve been promoting Bryan Cohen’s 5-Day Amazon Ad Profit Challenge for a couple of years now. Folks in my FB group LOVE this experience. 

“This course is so informative and helped me understand so much more about Amazon Ads. Best of all, the course is incredibly POSITIVE. The Facebook group associated with it was a place to get great feedback and encouragement. Bryan is an optimist, which is so important in this tough business!” – Beth Norris Anderson

Hundreds of authors said it was one of their keys to success in 2020.

But what IS the Challenge?

Author and educator Bryan Cohen said the Challenge is like a free community course…

In which all the participants complete video lessons and homework assignments all at the same time.

This turns the old process of “taking an online course” on its head by having hundreds of authors work through the same exact material while encouraging one another to get the work done.

Meanwhile, Bryan has gathered several dozen successful authors who’ve already completed the Challenge to provide support approximately 18 hours each day during the event.

So you get a comprehensive course, experienced support, and boatloads of encouragement without paying a dime!

The Challenge starts on Monday, January 11th and runs through Tuesday, January 19th (the five days aren’t all in a row to give you time to catch up).

If you want to join one of the best author events for turning your ads and books profitable…

Then click my affiliate link here and register for the Challenge on the next page.

I hope you take this opportunity to connect with fellow authors while learning how to improve your book sales using Amazon Ads. It is a wonderful experience!

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