A Glowing Review!

Hi All!

If you are still on the fence about buying “Self-Publishing Your Books – A Beginner’s Resource Guide” check out this wonderful review I received the other day on good reads.

“As a reader, very often we all want from a book what we were promised from the blurb or even the introduction.

Niki promised that this book wasn’t going into the nitty-gritty about writing or a self-help book on how to get published. Instead, this was a step-by-step guide on the process of publishing a book. And this was exactly that.

This is the first time I actually realized what I need to do to be doing every step of the way.

Do you always wonder what do you have to do during the second round of edits? When do you bring in beta readers? What exactly is an ISBN number? Also, the chapters are concise but thorough in outlining what you need to know.

I finished this book in less than an hour, and while I am knowledgeable about self-publishing I found this to be a valuable resource to have on my shelf. One I will definitely refer back to time and time again while I go through the process of self-publishing. Because it was what it promised to be, I would definitely say it deserves five stars!”

I’m blown away by this reader’s kindness.  THANK YOU!

If you want to start your self-publishing journey, click on the image below, and buy my book today!


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