Comparison is the thief of joy…

So most of you are used to seeing the first picture on social media. Picture perfect cupcakes. You might also see a caption like “love baking with my boys!”

One might assume that this time baking went without a hitch, the kids stayed involved, they listened and we all had a wonderful stress free time.

That assumption would be incorrect.

Often times, there’s fighting about who gets to pour what, who gets to sit on the counter, or they lose interest completely. I end up yelling, and they end up crying, and it all just goes to hell.

I keep trying because 1. I never give up on my kids, and 2. I saw these picture-perfect moments captured on other’s social media, and think, surely if I keep trying, we’ll get there too.

I run an Insta called Cozies and Cake. I bake a lot for it. At least once a week, and I wanted nothing more than my children to be a part of it. To learn, to make memories, but it just wasn’t working out the way I planned.

The other day was my cousin’s 17th birthday. He lives in NY, and we couldn’t be with him. So we decided to bake cupcakes here and be able to blow out the candles with him via zoom.

I really wanted this to be fun. So, I threw out every expectation and hope of perfection I had. I got out a boxed cake mix, a can of frosting, and every sprinkle we had in the house, and I just let go.

In doing so, I found my perfection. It came in the form of eager grabby little hands excited to add the next ingredient, or turning on the mixer full speed blasting flour all over the place. In the form of my 4-year-old learning how to crack an egg, and how beautifully messy and funny it was to see him decimate the egg with his still developing fine motor and coordination skills. Or my 7-year-old’s epic sprinkle tower, and the fun we had blowing through more than half of our sprinkle collection on the cupcake decorations. I thought back to our other baking experiences, and how they sniff, taste, and ask about each ingredient. Perfection was there all along, I was just missing it.

What does this have to do with self-publishing? Well, it might be reaching, but honestly, this lesson can apply to everything.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Behind every picture-perfect post there could mess, and chaos, for every best selling author tag, there were hundreds of thousands of words written to get there.

Just let it go, and you might just find exactly what you were looking for.

So here you have it. Cake batter splatter everywhere, a sink full of dishes, a floor full of hot pink sprinkles, and the most beautifully decorated cupcakes I have ever seen.

Here’s to chocolate faces, sticky hands, and tasty box mix cupcakes. (they are really hard to top)

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