Indie Author Spotlight – Conor Bender

One of the most inspiring posts I see on my many author forums is when someone takes the time to share their story. Each Friday, I’m going to feature a different indie author to help inspire all of you!

F2356B5B-FF75-4D12-98AA-FF5B6AA90A12 - CONOR BENDER

What is your pen name?

Conor Bender

What genre do you write in?

Historical Fiction

How many books have you published?


What inspired you to become a writer?

Authors such as Ken Follett, Tom Clancy, Leon Uris, and Robert Harris captivated me as a boy. Their stories were filled with rich characters and vivid settings and not only inspired me to become a writer, but helped shape my writing style. I started writing while in high school, but I never had any aspiration to become a published author. For me, I just enjoyed writing a good story and that was enough.

What is your indie success story?

My debut novel, Jubilee, released two weeks ago and we’ve already accumulated over 300 sales. I’m launching an aggressive grass roots advertising campaign and hoping to continue to have sales trend upwards!

What are your marketing and advertising strategies?

Marketing is incredibly difficult as an Indy writer, especially if you have a limited budget. At the moment I’m relying primarily on word of mouth, bloggers, social media, and a limited ad campaign to spark my book. At the end of the day, persistence is the most important thing when it comes to marketing!

What are you working on right now?

A sequel to Jubilee set in West Africa. It revolves around the story of the French government smuggling out all of their gold to Senegal prior to the Nazi invasion, and a race to find it ensuing by the British SOE and the Nazi Abwehr.

Where can we find your work?



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