New Release!!

Hi All!

I’m just popping in to announce that I’ve finally released my second children’s book entitled ‘Go Play’. ‘Go Play’ is a departure from the silly and fun and funky vibe of ‘Sam Likes Jam.’ It encourages children to explore the outside world around them. Whether it is to stop and appreciate the seasons or contemplate the thoughts of a ladybug, ‘Go Play’ Is meant to inspire children (and parents) to take the time to slow down and explore the world around them.

I guess I like releasing children’s books in March. I’d like to say that it was a well-executed, and thought out plan that led me to release both of my children’s books almost exactly two years apart, but it wasn’t. I took some time off after ‘Sam Likes Jam’ to write a few more children’s books.

I realized after attending a conference that I’m definitely an Indie Author at heart and hit a roadblock… money. I had some money set aside, but not nearly enough. Children’s picture books are very expensive to produce when you don’t have the amount of money it takes to hire an experienced illustrator. After a few tearful conversations with some amazing friends, I decided to take control and figure this thing out. I tried teaching myself how to draw. It went ok. I was alright, but the amount of time it would take to master that skill enough to put out a book would be years. I’m not that patient.

I then had an idea to find younger artists who are trying to build their portfolio. Enter Ella Jackson. I found her on a local Facebook group when I posted about my illustration conundrum. Her mother wrote me back and after several productive meetings at a local ice cream/coffee shop. Go Play was born. While Ella illustrated my book, I wrote and published a novel. Everything fell into place perfectly.

A few months later when she handed me the final illustrations, I was blown away. There are actually no words to describe how happy I was. She took my dream and made it a reality, and I will be forever grateful.

Now without further adieu, I present to you, ‘Go Play’. Written by me, Niki Morris and Illustrated by the very talented Ella Jackson. I have a feeling this book is going to be the first of many for her.



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