Ask the Author: Daphne McLean

Maddie M. White

What would you like readers to know about you?

I am a busy mom of two little boys. In many ways, I’m very much like Jennifer Temple, the MC inRed Picket Fences. We’re both out of shape moms who love true crime, as well as keeping chickens. However, unlike Jennifer, I love to cook, and I’m much more social and connected to my little neighborhood than she is.

What isRed Picket Fencesabout for those who haven’t read it?

The book is a cozy mystery set in a quaint small town in New Jersey. Jennifer Temple is a restless stay-at-home mom who binge watches anything related to true crime. When her two new neighbors perish in a housefire, she knows just enough about investigating to realize things aren’t what they seem. She stumbles upon clues that put her in the center of the investigation, and in the…

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