#FunFriday Post #1: Painting With Cars

Hey All,

It’s a cold and rainy day here and the original project wanted to share with you calls for nice weather. Do not fret though! I have a fun little project that my guys and I tried, and in my opinion, a smaller version of this would make a great Mother’s day gift.

I was browsing Facebook the other day, (I know, I said I would cut down) and came across this neat idea I thought my kids would love: Painting with cars! 1. If you are not following me on Facebook, you are missing out, and 2. I am not taking credit for this idea. The original post came from thekeeperofcheerios.com.

First, we gathered our painting materials (list will affiliate links will be provided below).


Beautiful blank canvas.


Carefully chosen painting implements.

Then, I dotted the canvas with paint. Older kids may be able to do this step on their own.


I used primary, with a touch of aqua green.


My FAVORITE color.

Then I let the boys go to town. The only rule was to paint on the canvas.


“Look Mom! Rainbow wheels!!!”


“Can I use the top of the car to paint too? I’m going to roll the car around in the paint!”



Final Product!

While you can barely make out any car/truck tracks, or superhero footprints, the process of letting the kids be creative and use tools other than fingers or brushes to create was pretty awesome! They were so happy with the freedom I gave them to just go for it.
What you need

Canvas: We used 24 X 36. If you are going to make use these as gifts, I recommend 8X10 canvas art boards.

Acrylic Paint ( If you don’t want a muddy looking mess, use colors that blend well together.)

Toys: We used cars with smooth tires, cars with patterned tires, and superheroes. Your kids will enjoy experimenting with the different textures and stamp each toy makes. I recommend soaking the toys in hot soapy water as soon as the painting is done. Our toys came clean.

I hope you enjoy this fun project as much as we did!

Until next time…


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