Liebster Award 2018

Hey All,

It’s been awhile. In case you missed it on my social media pages, this lady finally got some chickens! I’ve been raising them for three weeks now, and I love them, but I can’t wait to get them out of my house. Bring on the warm weather!

Other than that, I have been busy polishing some manuscripts and trying to work on some illustrations.

Last week, a friend of mine nominated me for the Liebster Award. I am so flattered and completely honored! Thanks Jess! Check out her blog for all things writer-ish. She’s funny, talented, and came up with a system for rating books using pizza slices. Need I say more?

Anyway, the Liebster awards were created as a way to find new blogs. The rules can be found here:

Jess gave me three questions to answer. I will then go ahead and create three more questions for my nominees!

Describe the most important book for teenage-you.

I wasn’t really a big reader growing up. I think that is why reading to my kids is so important to me today. However, one summer I was bitten by the bookworm and I could not read enough. That summer, (1994), I read ‘Go Ask Alice’. I was fairly immature and all of the concepts of the book were very foreign to me. However, that book haunted 14 year old me and stuck with me ever since.  The concept that one decision can change the course of your entire life or even end it was a scary concept for me at such a young age, but an important one.

What smell brings back great memories?

It’s funny. I thought long and hard about this question because I am a very scent/memory oriented person. Which should I choose? The smell of chicken cutlets frying in my grandmother’s kitchen? Or the lingering smell of broiled steak that hung in the house after dinner? Those scents bring back comforting childhood memories of being cared for (and cooked for). I admit that I still get butterflies whenever I am met with a waft of the cologne my husband used to wear when we first met. Every season has a smell for me. Summer? Coconut and suntan lotion. Fall? Duh, Apple Cinnamon.  Winter? Balsam Fir and cookies baking. Spring? Lilacs… always.

What’s the most binge-worthy show on television?

Although I write for children, I am into true crime in a big way. I recently binged Mind Hunter on Netflix, I also like to watch old episodes of Forensic Files. To offset all of the murder and suspense, my husband and I rewatched the entire Parks and Rec series in a few weeks. It still stands the test of time and is just as hilarious if not more than when we watched it the first go round…

There you have it, folks! Now it’s time for me to nominate blogs/bloggers I have found helpful or inspirational:

Milly Schmidt – The Cat’s write

Baily – Pretty in Print

Your mission (should you choose to accept) is to answer the following questions:

  1. When/how did you decide to become a writer?
  2. What is your ultimate comfort food?
  3. You have an entire weekend with nothing to do but read, which book(s) do you choose?

Thank you again Jess! Until next time everyone!

Oh! one last thing, if you’ve read my book, can you do a gal a solid and review it on Amazon? Thanks!


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